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     In our company, there is the Shaanxi enterprise technology centerwith an area of 10630 m2. This center is set to do research and development in production and technology. Among 300 researchers in our company, there are 3 ScDs, 60 masters and even 75% researchers with bachelor degree or above. Various compound experiments can be made in 150 laboratories up to international standard, in which they are equipped with 100 advanced analytical instruments, such as LC-MS, GC-MS, FT-IR, etc.Besides, we have our OLED experiment center with world-class distillation and vacuum evaporation equipment. We also have a research center of mixed crystalequipped with a hundred-gradeultraclean room (2000 m2) andlaboratories specialized in green chemical researches, such as separating substances and cleaning.

      Xi’an Manareco has built scientific and effective mechanism of technical innovation. In order to establish complete mechanism of selecting the fittest and encouraging innovation, continuously improve researchers’enthusiasm and initiativeon innovation, enhance the efficiency of technical innovation, acquire numerous innovative achievements and rein force sustainable innovation ability of the company, we, as the company, insist sustain optimization and improvement in resource allocation, organizational innovation, process of research and development, incentive policy,criteria of assessment, research and development mode, etc. After those innovation researches, Xi’an Manareco has formed its unique proprietary technology, such as “glovebox”technology, sub-boiling distillation, falling-film distillation, isothermal crystallization, isolation of integral column, improved short-path distillation technology, high-flux and high-separation chromatographic technique, etc.

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